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Augmented Domesticity zoom1 from Archipelago Lab by Pedro Pitarch
Debut Award Lisbon Triennale Architecture Pedro Pitarch

2016·10 ↑
«Archipelago Lab» selected to be part of «The World in Our Eyes» exhibition for the 4th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale {«the Form of Form»} /5 Oct – 11 Dec 2016.

2016·09 ↑
Selected between the 10 Shortlisted candidates for the Début Award from the Lisbon Triennale.  «This prize supports new voices and forms of practice and awards a young architect or practice to celebrate their achievements and promote their career.»

 2016·04 →
Learning from Controversies
A limited series of Risographies on our Research about Bob Dylan’s Electric Controversy published by our friends from Bartlebooth. Do not hesitate to visit their website >BARTLEBOOTH<

Dylan Electric Controversy by Pedro Pitarch
Lisbon Triennale of Architecture Logo

↑ 2016·10
Participating in the debate Letters from Lisbon
@Lisbon, 08.10.2016 / 06:00 pm
«The opening of this exhibition is also the moment when the letters from the participants of The Form of Form will be delivered to Lisbon’s Mayor. The informal debate that follows, between Patrícia Robalo, Pedro Pitarch and Ivo Poças Martins, will be a moment to understand two perspectives on the city of Lisbon, coming from two different countries.

cartas a la alcaldesa coam

Published in Plataforma Arquitectura
↓Check out our proposal

Pokestop Pedro Pitarch Poke Gym

↑ 2016·10
Participating in Cartas a la Alcaldesa
@COAM, Madrid 29/09/2016 – 28/10/2016
Organized by Storefront of Art and Architecture
Curated by Enorme Studio & Moneo Brock
«La exposición presenta más de 70 cartas escritas por arquitectos a la Alcaldesa de Madrid, expresando algunas de las cuestiones urgentes y los deseos que juegan un papel importante en las dimensiones políticas y las decisiones que rigen la construcción de la ciudad y el territorio»

presentación libro dreamy arco

← 2016·10
Presentation of the book Dreamy Arco at COAM
@COAM, 17.10.2016 – 19:30 pm
«A research project about ARCO Madrid’s contemporary art Fair by a team of students from ETSAM, UPM»

Arquia Proxima Futuro Imperfecto Catalogo

↑ 2016·10
Futuro Imperfecto
@Arquia Proxima
Three projects published in the selection for the catalog of V edition of Arquia Proxima curated by Alberto Veiga
Edition by Vibok Works
Fundación Arquia

Mapeo 15 Especies de Espacios Pedro Pitarch

2016·07 ↑
Press Start…Loading

Article published in MAPEO 15 · Especies de Espacios
Magazine from the Taller Danza @Fadu-Montevideo

La Colmena mesa redonda Pitarch

2016·11 ↑
La Colmena

Round Table about Peripheries at La Colmena with Harley Martinez and Anna Melendez (El Milagro), Borja A. Larondo (Aquellos Que Esperan) and Marta San Vicente (La Grieta).
organized by La Grieta Plataforma Cultural

2013·11 →
From Originalities to Singularities:
or how to lose our identity

Article published in Desierto no. 1 · Trance
Ed. Paper Architectural Histamine
Please, visit their website:

Desierto 1 Paper Architectural Histamine
Pasajes Arquitectura no 139

Pasajes #139
arquitectura y critica

Clesa Cultural Factory & Everyday Readymades published in Pasajes no.139
Please, visit their Facebook:

pedro pitarch el silencio bartlebooth

↑ 2014·11
the Rest is Silence
Article at Bartlebooth no. 3 «Los Opuestos» about «el silencio/el ruido» in collaboration with Fernando Castro Flórez.
Ed. Bartlebooth

Arquia Proxima V Edicion

↑ 2016·05
Futuro Imperfecto
@Arquia Proxima
Three Projects Selected for the Catalog of V edition of Arquia Proxima 

Alberto Veiga: comisario general

Carlos Gómez Agustí: patrono de la Fundación Arquia Eugeni Bach: representante de la Zona Levante
Jesús Irisarri: representante de la Zona Norte
Eva Morales: representante de la Zona Sur
Víctor Navarro: representante de la Zona Centro

First Prize Ex-Aequo
@Arquitectura Viva
The Cultural Factory wins the First Prize Ex-Aequo in the competition for restoration of former CLESA industrial building by Alejandro de la Sota. Check out the results at Arquitectura Viva

AV the competition CLESA
Bartlebooth Las virtudes pedro Pitarch

← 2015·09
Article at Bartlebooth no. 4 «Las Virtudes» about «controversies in society as an architectural mechanism»
Ed. Bartlebooth

interview Medialab Prado Pedro Pitarch

← 2015·05
Archiprix Interview
Interviewed for Archiprix 2015 edition at Medialab Prado
Presenting the Wining project of the Hunter Douglas Award 2015:

Archipelago Lab: an atlas of metropolitan islands for Madrid
Interview by great colleagues of Moois


architectus omnibus catalogue

← 2015·05
Architectus Omnibus ?
@Instituto Cervantes / Goethe Institut
The project Archipelago Lab: an atlas of metropolitan islands for Madrid
Selected for Architectus Omnibus by the specialists Ariadna Cantis, Andrés Jaque and Andrés Lepik.
Projects will be exhibited at Berlin and Madrid between spring and fall 2015.

archiprix at callao

← 2015·05
Winner of the Hunter Douglas Award 2015
with  Archipelago Lab: an atlas of metropolitan islands for Madrid
Projects will be exhibited at Berlin and Madrid between spring and fall 2015.

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