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(to the Other Side)

a Funeral Parlour for Barrancos

{Casa Mortuária for Barrancos}

The project for the New Funeral Parlour of Barrancos is conceived not only as an architectural piece that gathers the requested architectural programs, but also as a significant public place for the citizens of the town. A common Social Plateau. A place to meet and construct a community. A urban endowment integrated into the social and cultural context of Barrancos.

On the one hand, the new building will resolve the need for a new Mortuary House. But on the other hand, the project allows us to offer a multipurpose space, so much needed in our small rural towns, where to host different events, celebrations and cultural, artistic or familiar affairs. Ultimately, a place that far from being only dedicated to the farewell rite to our closest relatives, will be also a space for meeting and celebrating life. A space for memory, yes, but also integrated into the vitality of Barrancos’ society. A place between life, death … and life again. But more here than there. An active place … that happens … that continues to happen … that is remembered …

You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to run
Tried to hide

The Doors, {Elektra, Jan 1967}

Site Plan Casa Mortuaria Funeral Parlour Pedro Pitarch

Site Plan {Barrancos, Portugal} ↑

Location Plan Casa Mortuaria Barrancos Pitarch

←Location Plan {Barrancos Cemetery, Portugal}

project’s data

Location: Barrancos, Portugal
Year: 2019
Area: Site=9.810m²  Building=240m²
Category: Architecture, Design, Urbanism
Author: Pedro Pitarch 


Pedro Pitarch, Gonzalo Rojas



Casa Mortuaria Barrancos Pedro Pitarch Planta

Main Plan: the Funeral Parlour {-4,35} ↑

The architectural strategy for the project is clear. It overlaps three different elements:

On the one hand, a retaining wall, made of reinforced concrete and covered with a thin sheet of polished steel, serving to contain the uneven topography that exists in the intervention area.

On the other hand, the piece of the building; that is coupled against the retaining wall in the unevenness of the terrain. It is a simple box with a reinforced concrete structure and spaces optimized for the required uses. It fulfills its function and leaves freedom for the use of the citizens of Barrancos.

Finally, both architectural elements, ‘the wall’ and ‘the box’, are covered by a fixed steel grid roof with a white paint finish. Whose structure is optimized for the use of the minimum possible material using a geometry of arches in both directions. While letting  the rain pass through in winter, it also provides a smooth filter from the sun during spring and summer months.

The First Phase {the Parlour}→


During the first phase, the building of the Funeral Parlour will be executed, as well as 10 parking spaces. Firstly, the retaining wall that defines the space for the future building and the nearby public space will be built. Subsequently, the Mortuary piece will be built, plus the common exterior roof covering all the public space surrounding. The building will be completed.

In turn, on the south side of the intervention area, 10 parking spaces will be displayed and a ftemporary gravel road that also allows funeral cars to reach the building.

←The Second Phase {the Landscape}


In a second phase, 20 new parking spaces will be implemented as well as a general urban and landscape renovation design. Ten parking spaces will be incorporated in the lower area of the plot, completing the asphalting of the road and extending the connection of the port house for funeral cars. The remaining parking spaces will be located on the upper level, next to the road, taking advantage of the existing level difference and replacing the deteriorated existing wall with a new reinforced concrete retaining wall. The project will be completed improving the urban and landscape space of the area of the Mortuary House.

Site Plan {Zoom in #2}→

Site Plan {Zoom in #1}↑

We chased our pleasures here
      treasures       t  h  e     r         e
         But    can     you still recall
                                                          we cried
Break on through to the other side
           B r e  a   k                o  n
t     h   r   o    u   g     h           to
         the                 o t  h     e        r               s     i  d e
                                                     C’ mon,             y   e          a               h
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· 1 ·
A Morte
(Lower View · Night)

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· 2 ·
A Vida
(Top View · Day)